The Essential Guide to Donald Trump

And Why I am Sailing to Nova Scotia if He Wins

The Essential Guide to Donald Trump, is an easy to follow summary of everything important that Americans need to know about Donald Trump and his stand on the issues. Learn about Trump’s failed businesses. Read about his relationship with organized crime, his history of discriminatory practices and use of undocumented workers on his construction projects. Discover how his campaign was dominated by pro-Russian advisors who have turned longstanding United States policy on its head. The book is a quick yet informative read that gives the reader all the resources necessary to understand the real danger the United States is facing with the 45th President.

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Excellent compilation of facts regarding Donald Trump's checkered past, including Russian and mob connections, shady labor and business practices and more. Written by a former New York state and federal prosecutor, it is well documented and actually enjoyable to read.
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Wow! I have been so overwhelmed with all the Trump coverage and the endless array of scandals and harsh words that I had forgotten how really important it is to get the facts about this man. This book really does a great job of laying out the facts without "drama" and making it easy to understand the real danger our country will be in if we elect Trump. I would really recommend the chapters on Trump and the Mob and Trump and the Russians.

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