The Virus that changed America and the World

Read the newest book from Kenneth F. McCallion, “a go-to source” featured in major media outlets including MSNBC, CNN, Netflix, The New York Times, USA Today, and more. “Kenneth McCallion may be one of the most influential people almost no one has heard of." RealClearInvestigations. In March 2020 the United States of America came to a screeching halt. After months of confusion and downplaying by officials, the COVID-19 death rate climbed high enough that it could no longer be ignored. Even after lockdowns were initiated, government officials continually issued confusing statements about face masks, testing, and vaccinations timelines, leaving the country increasingly panicked and vulnerable. In COVID-19: The Virus That Changed America and The World, renowned author, attorney, and healthcare infrastructure expert Kenneth Foard McCallion offers a fascinating and sweeping view of the COVID-19 pandemic, starting with an exploration of ancient plagues and tackling important and timely subjects such as racial disparities in the virus's impact, what COVID has revealed about the U.S. healthcare system, and how the pandemic has increased the wealth divide. Ultimately, COVID-19 sheds light on a virus response driven by wishful thinking, denial, and politics – one which will have a lasting impact on the U.S. and the world for generations to come.  

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Steve G. on Amazon
I enjoyed this book. Although medically it is already out of date as the science moves forward at a rapid rate, the discussions of federal government mismanagement is still current as is the discussion of the divisions in American society. The book reads like a novel and is hard to put down. I also liked the suggestions for resolving some of these dilemmas. I recommend this book for anyone interested in how the COVID-19 pandemic was handled in the US in the early days.
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Wallace on Amazon
It is probably impossible to write a book about COVID-19 which isn't outdated before it hits the shelves, but this book is as good as it gets for the background on the tragedy of the virus. Ken McCallion has a way of laying out the facts and the truths of the issue in an easy to follow manner. Once you start reading it is hard to put down in a way it reads more like a suspense novel. Starting with the ancient pandemics and ending with the battle we are in today the book takes you on a journey of enlightenment, understanding, and arms you with the understanding of the facts. There are a lot of books out there about the virus and many more to come, but this one has to be in your library as the one book that covers the history and events in a way that allows you to understand and judge what is going on in America.

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